As an award-winning multi-discipline performance bike brand. We are and have always been for real riders. Over the past few months, we took a good look at what makes us different. We believe the answer to this is simple. At Vitus, we make extraordinary bikes for real riders, and we do it in a way that benefits anyone at any level of cycling from beginner to race winner.

Behind the scenes, we get immense satisfaction from creating best-in-class bikes that are ready to perform, no matter what your cycling goals, and enjoyed by everyone. It’s this point of difference that makes Vitus an exciting, unique, and relevant bike brand.

After reflecting on who we are as a brand and as a collective group of passionate cyclists, we are excited to bring our new look and feel to the world. We aren't here to bore you with technical jargon or outlandish claims. We speak your language and relay the real world benefits of our extraordinary bikes to you, the rider. We don't judge or glorify struggle, and believe that winning isn't everything because as riders ourselves, we know that the real reason we ride. We ride because of how alive it makes us feel. 

Alex James, Vitus Marketing Manager commented, “It’s such an exciting and refreshing way to talk about what we do and how we stand against a focus on the elite, and any sort exclusivity and snobbery within cycling. We want to challenge the status quo and put real riders first by bringing performance bikes to the everyone”.

Vitus Senior Product Manager, Jodie Shann said, “Developing extraordinary bikes for real riders has always been within our brand DNA. It’s something that myself and the rest of the product development team are passionate about and is at the heart of every bike we design”