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1% of every Vitus purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.

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Vitus believe in what’s real.
Our bikes aren’t meant to be hung on walls, they’re meant to be ridden.
And we don’t believe anyone needs to dress in co-ordinated kit to ride them.
Because we’re not here to judge.
It’s okay by us if your chain isn’t always shiny and you sometimes put your
bike away dirty.
It’s the pleasure of riding that’s important. Not silly rules about how you should
ride. Or who you should ride with.
Life is complicated enough without adding extra stuff to worry about.
It’s why you’ll find us out in the fresh air, not in front of a mirror perfecting our look.
We’re too busy having a laugh with our friends to be judging someone for riding
last year’s bike.
But don’t get us wrong. We’re not here just to make up the numbers. Far from it.
We can get serious if we feel like it. Real riders know how to push themselves.
If you’re the sort who pins on a number in a wet car park on a Sunday morning,
we believe you deserve the best equipment without needing a Pro Tour budget.
But we know enough to know winning isn’t everything. Coming first, last or
somewhere in the middle isn’t going to change anything. That’s not why we do it.
We do it because of how alive it makes us feel.
We ride for ourselves.

We Ride Vitus.


Rooted in our heritage of cutting edge frame design, our in-house R&D team works with the latest technologies and materials to create bikes that are ready to perform.


Don’t just take our word for it, our bikes have been consistently picking up great reviews and awards from the cycling world.


And we make sure these bikes are as affordable as possible by selling directly to riders, and not investing in expensive elite sponsorship deals.


We’re not in the World Tour, but you might just see us at your local race. We support those people and events giving more people a chance to get more out of cycling. From racing teams focusing on bringing through young talent, to local groups putting on events to help riders get more out of their bikes.